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Pixsee Smart Baby Monitor

Pixsee Smart Baby Monitor

Delight New Parents with the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift!

Say goodbye to boring, clunky baby monitors and hello to an AI smart baby monitor that blending modern technology and charm. Pixsee ensures peace of mind, fosters early development, and captures precious memories for both parents and their little ones. No wearables or extra parent unit needed—Pixsee makes modern parenting effortlessly smart.

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Includes pixsee Smart Baby Monitor and pixsee Planet Subscription. Do you need just the 5-in-1 pixsee Camera Stand?

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Free 12-month pixsee Planet Subscription

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“Living an expat life with no extended family support, pixsee acts as those extra hands and eyes for my newborn’s care. Now whether I am in the bath or having my dinner, I am at peace.” - Sumaira Khan

Capture every moment and get peace of mind

Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned parent, one thing is for certain: you want your baby to be safe day and night. But truth be told, you can’t be by their side at all times. You have to go back to work, do household chores, take care of your older children, or get rest and relaxation too.

That’s where pixsee can come in handy. Powered by AI technology with an easily understandable app interface, this smart support lets you monitor your little one from afar via custom alerts. Have greater peace of mind knowing you can check in anytime, anywhere with just a few taps on your phone.

Pixsee even serves as your visual diary, capturing all your baby’s precious milestones. You’ll never miss a thing and can save memories of your child’s growing up over the years. It’s something you and your family can look back on with fondness.

“I used to get major anxiety about letting the kids play independently, even though we took precautions to make the playroom as safe as possible. Now I have an eye on the entire playroom, thanks to pixsee. Its wide-angle view and HD quality is unbeatable! It has provided me with so much peace of mind when I run to the restroom, make lunch, or even get some work done.” - Rosalinda Perez

Monitor like you’re in the same room.

Equipped with the latest 1080p FHD camera and night vision, pixsee lets you view even the minutest details in your baby’s crib from sunrise to sundown. Watch him smile, coo, sleep, or play as clear as day while you squeeze in work or “me-time” at home, office, or on the go.

With 5MP and 6-layer optical lens, videos are super clear, it’s as if you’re in the same room. This clever camera’s 160° ultrawide view lets you see all corners of a room with zero distortion.

Soothe those tears away.

Easily understand why your little one is crying with the help of the cry decoder and two-way audio. You’ll be able to hear the tiniest whimpers and recognize if baby can be soothed remotely with your voice, calming music, or it’s really time to head back to the nursery.

Get reassurance 24/7.

With smart features such as cry, temperature, humidity, area, and covered face detection, you can control the nursery’s environment to make it a safer, cozier, & comfier space for baby. Get real-time notifications delivered straight to your phone via the pixsee app.

Build lifelong memories.

pixsee's Smart Capture automatically takes high-quality, vivid pictures for you. It also allows you to record videos to ensure no childhood milestones will be missed! Capture the many "firsts" of your baby and turn them into heartwarming keepsakes to treasure forever or share with family and friends.

What Sets Us Apart

Pixsee has all the bells and whistles to make keeping tabs on baby smart and simple.

Industry-leading video and audio specs

Equipped with 6-layer optical glass lens and revolutionary Nighthawk NIR technology. You can get stunningly clear images of your baby even in the dark. And the 160º ultra view provides you with the best view of your child in true-to-life colors & near-zero distortion.

pixsee’s bespoke speaker is ear-friendly and features a dynamic metallic dome for expert audio quality. With digital technology that lets you reduce ambient noise for crystal clear audio.

Manual & Automatic 5MP Capture

Pixsee automatically detects and tracks your baby’s facial expressions and sweet interactions with your family. Take 12 pictures a day. Spending time as a family? Get a candid family portrait courtesy of Pixsee.

Cry Decoder

The world’s first smart baby monitor with a cry decoder. pixsee helps parents to know the why behind the cries based on data gathered from hospitals and parents around the world.

Smart Music Box

Automatically detects cries and plays soothing music to calm the baby down. Enjoy curated parenting music and white noise. You can even schedule playlists to create a sense of routine.

Video Playback & Digital Keepsakes

Go back in time and see what they were up to. No moments missed, no matter where you were. It’s like having a parenting time machine.

Multi-encryption data security

Advanced security cryptoprocessor keeps your personal information and files safe from cyber threats. Data transfer is protected with bank-level security.

Multiple User Support

Invite up to 5 family members to take part in your baby’s journey with a reliable Microsoft Azure cloud service.

Amazon Alexa Support

Enjoy hands-free monitoring at home. pixsee is Alexa enabled, giving you 2 assistants to help keep a watch on your baby.

Quality, Chic Design

100% handcrafted from Taiwan and is built to last a lifetime. Plus, its unique, whimsical design adds charm to your nursery.

  • Uncompromised Quality

  • 24/7 After Sales Support

  • FREE Shipping & Return

  • 2-year Warranty

  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee


Does pixsee need batteries?

No. For safety reasons, pixsee comes with its own adapter and must be plugged in to a power source to operate.

Can I use pixsee without internet connection?       

Wi-Fi is required for pixsee to connect its camera to the App and cloud services. Alert notificationsa and photos may not be sent should Wi-Fi connections fail to operate.

How much Wi-Fi speed do I need?   

The speed requirement for pixsee is 5 Mbps for uploads or downloads.

If multiple mobile devices are simultaneously logged in for viewing, a higher transfer speed is required to maintain a stable connection.

*Friendly Reminder: To make a stable Internet connection, we recommend connecting a single device to a Wi-Fi AP.

Is the material on pixsee safe for babies?   

pixsee is RoHS compliant so materials used have lesser health risks, particularly to the elderly, children and pregnant women.

What devices are compatible with the pixsee app?

pixsee app is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Compatibility Requirements:

For Android - software version 8.0 or later

For iOS - software version 13.0 or later

Which countries is pixsee app available in?

pixsee app is currently only available for dowload in Taiwan, US, Canada and Philippines on the App store and Google Play.

How does pixsee protect my information?

We follow GDPR and CCPA standards. Also, we use enterprise-level security to protect your data and privacy. 

Please visit our Terms of Service page for further details.

How do I share pixsee with family members?

pixsee can only be bound to one account at once, but your account and password may be shared with family members. To keep a stable internet connection, we recommend connecting no more than 3 devices at once.

Through the "multiple users" feature, parents can also invite up to 5 guests to follow and view your baby's growth. Rest assured that parents retain full control of their guests' privacy settings and customizations.

*Please note:If a third party account (WeChat or Apple ID) is used to register for the first time, you will not be able to share your account and password with friends and family for viewing upon their login. Parents can invite up to 5 guests to follow and view your baby's growth. Rest assured that parents retain full control of their guests' privacy settings and customizations through the "multiple users" feature.

What can I do if some of the functions are notworking properly after the initial setup?

When setting up pixsee for the first time, please keep pixsee on and connect to the internet overnight for a firmware update to the camera. Before and during firware update to the camera, some functions may not be available on the pixsee App, such as smart detection setting, Two-way Talk, music playback, etc. Normal operation will resume once update is completed.

If you still experience trouble with settings after all the above steps, please contact pixsee helper for further assistance.

How do I update my device version?

System is set up to verify your device version every day at 12:00 am midnight. If a new version is available, the device will be updated automatically.

*Friendly reminder: Device version may fail to update if network connection is unstable or busy from updating too many devices at once. If update is unsuccessful, rest assured system will try again the next day at midnight. Please ensure pixsee is on and connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection overnight when updating.

Parents can also update pixsee's device version manually. pixsee App will notify parents, when there's an update available.

*Please note :This function is compatible with device version: 1.004.07 or later, pixsee APP version: 3.005.021 or later.

[How to update device version manually]

Tap"pixsee settings" → "pixsee profile" → "check" → "update"

※Friendly reminder: The update takes about 5-10 minutes, and pixsee will be temporarily unavailable during the process, please pay more attention to your baby's safety. Some delays may be experienced as a result of your internet speed, please ensure your pixsee is on and connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection when the device or app is being updating updated.