Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.

You’re going to help her to create happy memories that will last forever in her life!

—Woody from Toy’s Story says to a new toy friend

These beautiful words exactly convey the fundamental idea behind our Pixsee Play and Pixsee Friends. Time spent with your childhood playmates is always wonderfully innocent and fun, and will be remembered forever.

Pixsee Play and its Pixsee friends will introduce your baby to their first AI interaction in a very gentle and natural way. While playing, sleeping, daydreaming and even exploring together, a Pixsee Friend will soon be your baby’s most treasured first cuddly toy. Love and trust will nurture and inspire true happiness in your baby, a wonderful gift that lasts a lifetime.

Fun Time – Baby’s First AI Smart Toys

Each of our stuffed toys represents a different musical personality. The Pixsee Play’s Smart Object Recognition feature will identify the individual toy and play its very own special tunes. When your child waves their Pixsee Friend at Pixsee Play, like magic, the toy’s special music will begin to play. Your kids can experience the wonders of AI from an early age.

Harmony Time – Quality Listening from An Early Age

Each Pixsee Friend activates an AI smart music box that plays its own special list of songs, carefully chosen by parenting experts. Music is a fantastic way to stimulate a baby’s and child’s cognitive learning, imagination, and intellectual and sensory development.

Bonding Time – A Cuddly and Safe Companion

Pixsee Friends contain no electrical, plastic or metal parts at all. They are completely safe, even for a new-born. Through loving play and companionship, your baby can freely explore their feelings and creativity, find their individuality and self-confidence, and have great character building experiences.

  • bunee

    I am a very brave little rabbit
    and will always look out for you.
    Just hold me tight and I will
    comfort and reassure you.

    Musical personality:
    brave, sensible, confident

  • trunkee

    My ears are big and so is my heart. I might be a little clumsy and slow, but my life is so full of love, sweet music, and happiness.

    Musical personality:
    warm, gentle, kind

  • monkee

    I am a little ball of fire, an explorer at heart and curious about everything. I love adventures and I also love my curly tail; it is so bouncy—just like me.

    Musical personality:
    energetic, funny, positive

  • 1. Scan exclusive QR code provided with each Pixsee Friend.

  • 2. Detect your Pixsee Friend.

  • 3. Jingle confirms successful linking. Now enjoy your very own magic playlist on Pixsee Play.

What sets us apart

Pixsee Play really has got it all when it comes to keeping tabs on your baby in a smart and easy way.

Industry-leading Video and Audio Specs

Thanks to the 6-layer optical glass lens and revolutionary Nighthawk NIR technology, you can get stunningly clear images of your baby, even in the dark. In addition, the 160º ultra wide angle provides you with the best view of your child in true-to-life colors and near-zero distortion.

Pixsee’s custom-made speaker is ear-friendly and features a dynamic metallic dome for expert audio quality. The digital technology lets you reduce ambient noise to a minimum for the most crystal clear audio.

Smart and Manual 5MP Capture

Pixsee automatically detects your baby’s facial expressions along with family interactions and takes 6-12 pictures a day. Of course, you also can snap photos and record videos whenever you like.

Smart Music Box

Automatically detects cries and plays soothing music to calm your baby down. Enjoy curated parenting music and white noise. You can even schedule playlists to create a sense of routine.

Parentese Recorder

Pixsee Friends each come with their default playlist, but if you want to make your very own special playlist for your baby and their Pixsee Friends, you can. Record customized sounds and voices, and assign them via the app to a Pixsee Friend.
Trunkee might sing lullabies in mummy's voice or Bunee tell jokes in daddy's. A wonderful way to reassure your baby and familiarize them with your voice.

Cry Decoder

The world’s first smart baby monitor with a cry decoder. Pixsee helps parents to know the reason behind your child’s crying, based on data gathered from hospitals and parents around the world.

Video Playback and Digital Keepsakes

View all your baby’s activities over the entire day with video playback. Collect beautiful memories and personalize them with themed frames, collage albums, and festive live e-cards.

Voice Command

Allows you to operate Pixsee Play hands-free, by using your voice to control the music-box player, photo capture or even turn off the entire system when privacy is required.

Multi-encryption Data Security

An advanced security cryptoprocessor keeps your personal information and files safe from cyber threats. Data transfer is protected with bank-level security.

Pixsee securely stores priceless photos and videos of your precious child on Microsoft's cloud-based Azure platform.

Multiple User / Device Support

Invite up to 5 family members to take part in your baby’s journey. One account can bind up to 3 Pixsee devcies.

Amazon Alexa Support

Enjoy hands-free monitoring at home. Pixsee is Alexa-enabled, giving you two assistants to help keep a watch on your baby.

Quality, Chic Design

Pixsee Play is 100% handcrafted in Taiwan and built to last a lifetime. Its unique, whimsical design adds oodles of charm to your nursery and will make it a very happy place.